Women’s Strength of Heart Intensive

Womens Strength of Heart Intensive

Our Women’s Strength of Heart Intensive is a program created to help women who are in emotional pain, looking for a soft place to land. It takes as long as it takes for each individual to move through heart pain. Part of the process can include releasing anger, finding forgiveness, getting to a place of acceptance, learning to trust yourself, and more. The curriculum is developed to repair and restore the heart center and help quiet the mind. We have a maximum of 6 residents for each of our intensives – truly offering an intimate setting.

Unlike most one week intensives, our one week program includes multiple one/one therapy sessions and attention. We do offer group therapies and experiential therapies in addition to the one/one therapy. The program is tailored to fit the individual needs of the resident.

Women who attend our Strength of Heart Program are challenged in one or more of the following areas; relational withdrawal, grieving the loss of a loved one, struggling with a loved one in primary addiction treatment, working too much, lack of self-care, struggling with depression and/or anxiety, codependency, and more.

A self-care plan is developed for each resident during their stay, which enables them to build a muscle and engage in their plan after they leave FSR. If a resident is staying for the Women’s 12 Day Intensive afterwards, this program helps regulate their nervous system and prepares them to drop into the depth of the 12 day process.

Encouragement and understanding help each resident shift from not wanting to get up in the morning to getting up and participating in their process. This program teaches each resident ways to manage their stress, challenge negative thought patterns, eat healthy to boost mood, and get regular sleep.

What to expect: