Accommodations / What to Bring

House Accommodations

All residents stay at the main house at Five Sisters Ranch. The rooms are double occupancy. If you would like a single room, we can accommodate that for an additional charge depending on availability. All rooms have a private bathroom, closet, and two double beds. Linens are included. Toiletries are not included. Bring your preferred toothpaste and shampoo.

Five Sisters Ranch is a non-­smoking facility. E-cigarettes are allowed outdoors in a designated area.

We provide all food and drink while you are attending our program. The registration form includes a question for you to provide any specific needs that you may have regarding food allergies or dietary needs. Please do not bring food with you.

We do not have cell phone coverage at Five Sisters Ranch. You will not be using your cell phones while you are with us. We have a house phone, which you are welcome to use during designated hours. Please let necessary people know that they can call 707.776.0755 in case if an emergency, otherwise you will be able to contact them if you need to during your stay.

If you are attending our one-week programs, we ask that you leave your technology at home!

If you are attending our 12-Day or 3 Week Intensives, you may bring an Ipad or computer that you can check out at certain times during the program.

What To Bring

  • Your driver’s license, passport or photo ID
  • For the Men’s Strength of Heart program, if possible, please bring a photo of yourself as a child, a teen and a current one
  • Bring all prescribed Medications in original prescription bottles. No “pill organizers”, please
  • Sleepwear
  • General dress code is casual and comfortable. No shorts, no backless tops.
    Bring a minimum of 5 days of comfortable/casual clothing and two pairs of
    comfortable shoes. Bring tennis shoes or whatever you like to wear for outdoor activities.
    Bring rain boots during the winter months
  • Washer, dryer and ironing facilities are available for your use
  • Comfortable yoga apparel, for daily yoga and meditation
  • Outerwear appropriate for the season
  • Small amount of cash and either one credit card for buying miscellaneous items if needed
  • Alcohol-­free toiletries (mouthwash, hairspray, etc.) and a toothbrush
  • Hair products
  • Personal reading materials

What Not To Bring

  • Inappropriate or offensive reading materials
  • Drugs, alcohol or paraphernalia
  • Hard to launder clothing – dry cleaning is not available
  • Nail polish, nail polish remover, and perfume
  • Food or beverages
  • Any unauthorized medications