Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I use my cell phone / laptop while I'm there?

There is no cell phone use at Five Sisters Ranch. You may use the house phone to call out when appropriate. If you are attending a 2 or 3 week intensive, you may bring an iPad or computer. However, there are limited hours for usage and it is on a case-by-case basis.

Can you help me with adjusting my medications?

FSR is not a medical facility and we do not make medication adjustments. All medications given at the Ranch need to be in the original prescription bottles and prescribed by a psychiatrist / physician

Are you a 12-step program or have people in recovery?

We work with different kinds of spiritual paths and programs. We have people attend our intensives who are in 12-step programs all the time. We welcome and tailor our residents programs based on individual needs.

Are you a Christian program?

We welcome all faiths and spiritual practices. We do have staff that you can speak to about your Christian beliefs.

Can I bring food or snacks with me?

We ask that you do not bring food or snacks with you. There is plenty of healthy food served daily.

I have a special diet that I need to follow, is that a problem?

We have residents that have dietary restrictions and need gluten free or dairy free all the time. Just fill out your needs on the registration packet in the section that asks about food.

What kind of exercise do you have there? Is there a place to go and workout?

We have Yoga classes and hiking trails. You are welcome to use the Yoga studio during the day for personalized workouts.

What is Equine-Guided Therapy?

Working with horses on the ground, not riding. You do not need riding boots for this activity. However, We suggest that you bring shoes that can get muddy and dirty for the equine-guided therapy. See here for more information regarding Equine Guided Therapy.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept Visa and MasterCard only, not American Express.

Do you offer private rooms?

Yes, please call to discuss pricing and availability.

What is the schedule? What is a typical day like?

Our days vary depending on the program and the individuals attending any given session. Our schedule includes Yoga and meditation, individual sessions, process groups, experiential groups, personal awareness time and meals. The day may change depending on the needs of the clients.

Where are you located?

Approximately 45 minutes north of San Francisco.

Can I drive myself?

We ask that you have someone drive you and pick you up. The Ranch has limited extra parking for the residents.