Relationship Challenges

Trauma. Attachment/Intimacy Disorder. Codependency. Love Addiction. Love Avoidance.

At Five Sisters Ranch we provide an intimate, sober setting for women to take an in depth look at core relationship challenges with self and others. We are committed to the concept that each woman is unique and requires specialized individual levels of care. When women walk through our doors, we meet them exactly where they are, embrace the totality of their being and offer them the opportunity to grow in a safe and beautiful environment. Our commitment to having a small number of residents was a conscious choice to enable our staff to design a specific program for each individual. Our intention is to help women create a new reference of self. When one is in healthy alignment with who they are from a spiritual, psychological, social and physical aspect, peace and serenity emerge from within. We specialize in love addiction, codependency, trauma, and relationship challenges.