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If you are looking for Five Sisters Ranch, you have come to the right place. In February 2018, the Founder Nancie Brown retired and has closed after years of dedication and commitment to helping others. Thank you Nancie.

We are pleased to announce that a new program is being offered at a new facility called The Glass House. Lori Jean, who was the executive director of clinical operations at Five Sisters Ranch since its inception, will be at the helm of this next adventure.

We are utilizing the same core curriculum that was created by Lori Jean and used at Five Sisters Ranch to help people with relational challenges attach more securely to self and others.

This individualized curriculum is proven with high-impact solutions that are personalized for each resident.

Our dedicated staff specializes in all things relational: Attachment wounds, family systems, challenging relationships driving anxiety and depression, work-related challenges, various forms of process addictions, intimacy, trauma, and conflict resolution.

We are offering gender specific intensives for men and women in need of relational repair. Our programs provide both cognitive and experiential modalities for individuals to explore and heal relational patterns resulting in healthier attachment to self and others.

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