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At Five Sisters Ranch we provide an intimate, sober setting for individuals to take an in-depth look at core relationship challenges with self and others.

We are committed to the concept that each resident is unique and requires specialized individual levels of care. When residents walk through our doors, we meet them exactly where they are, embrace the totality of their being and offer them the opportunity to grow in a safe and beautiful environment.

Our commitment to having a small number of residents was a conscious choice to enable our staff to design a specific program for each individual.

Our intention is to help residents create a new reference of self. When one is in healthy alignment with who they are from a spiritual, psychological, social and physical aspect, peace and serenity emerge from within.

Five Sisters Ranch offers Intensive Programs for men and women. Our Programs provide cognitive and experiential tools for women and men to explore and heal relational patterns resulting in healing their attachment styles. Our women’s and men’s programs do not overlap therefore we always remain gender specific. We focus on increasing self-esteem, identifying and up-holding healthy boundaries, and recovering from shame. The educational part of our programs demystifies the labels and helps restore each resident back to their authentic self. We also help our residents understand the biology behind the behavior. Each group has a maximum of 6 individuals who complete the program together therefore creating an intimate environment.

Our clients include individuals struggling in relationships from attachment wounds, trauma, fidelity in committed relationships, codependency, maintaining sobriety from drugs and alcohol due to relationship challenges and other relational challenges. If you or someone you know is having a hard time with discerning course of direction to take regarding a relationship, Five Sisters Ranch can help guide you to your next steps.

Your friend or client can expect to receive the following while residing at Five Sisters Ranch: Educational modules, one-on-one therapy, group process, expressive arts, equine therapy, sound healing, yoga, meditation, heart healing, music therapy, whole healthy foods, respect, and individualized care.

Each of our Intensive Programs consists of relational curriculum that was created to address each resident individually. We intertwine various modalities of therapies depending on the needs of each individual client. We also use a number of experiential therapies (see below); equine, art, sound healing, music, and yoga and meditation.

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Our Programs

Womens Strength of Hearth Intensive

Women’s Strength of Heart Intensive

Our Women’s Strength of Heart Intensive is a program created to help women who are in emotional pain, looking for a soft place to land. It takes as long as it takes for each individual to move through heart pain. Part of the process can include releasing anger, finding forgiveness, getting to a place of acceptance, learning to trust yourself, and more.

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Mens Strength of Hearth Intensive

Men’s Strength of Heart Intensive

For many, relationships can bring up feelings of unmet longing or the desire to hide, which can lead to compulsive and/or secretive behavior. Feeling misunderstood can lead to having a difficult time expressing oneself and result in avoidance behavior. Our program is for Men who are looking for Strength of Heart in areas of their life that need some relational fine tuning.

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Womens 12 Day Intensive

Women’s 12 Day Intensive

Five Sisters Ranch offers a 12-Day Relational Repair Intensive for women looking to repair and restore relationships with self and others. This intensive is designed for women who have attachment wounds, trauma, and shame that result in anxiety, codependency, process addictions, grief, and depression.

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Womens 3 Week Intensive

Women’s 3 Week Intensive

Five Sisters Ranch offers a 3 Week Intensive for women who are experiencing relationship challenges and feeling destabilized. This program is a combination of the one week Women’s Strength of Heart Program and immediately followed by the Women’s 12 Day Intensive.

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Alumni Programs

Alumni Programs

Five Sisters Ranch alumni are invited to come back to continue to develop their relational skills. Building on the Healthy Adult in the individual sessions during our Strength of Heart Program has been beneficial for those Alumni who have been through this process.

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