I arrived on the Threshold of the ranch realizing I wasn’t living life anymore, I was simply existing. I had no idea how to make a change that would stick, I felt hopeless and lonely. Through participation in the carefully planned out workshops, group sessions, thought provoking activities and tailored one-on-one sessions — I began to find a new path, tools that work for me. Most importantly, I began to feel positive thoughts about my life through the work we were doing together. My biggest fear has been losing the spark of life and the hope for the future I found at Five Sisters Ranch. To date, the tools that the program provided me, have not failed me in staying on my personal journey. My time at Five Sisters Ranch has been priceless and the sisterhood I’ve found through the program offers me a lifetime of understand without judgement and eternal support.

-Tina P.

When I discovered Five Sisters Ranch I was falling apart at the seams. I had been going a hundred miles an hour through my life, was stretched so thin, longed for intimacy that always seemed unattainable and began an affair. Although I knew I was headed for disaster, I could not stop. Despite having a successful career, two beautiful children and a ten year relationship I was on a path of complete destruction and knew I couldn’t live another day the way I had been living.I had tried therapy, had read book after book and none of it was making a significant difference. In complete desperation I looked into treatment centers and was so blessed to have found Five Sisters Ranch. This amazing group of women saved my life and my family from a tragic ending.At Five Sisters Ranch I found a sacred place for healing and self discovery. Through this amazing treatment center that approaches recovery from a comprehensive standpoint of healing your mind, body and spirit — I found God, I found myself and I found the intimacy I had been searching for my whole life. I developed friends for life, experiences I will treasure forever and serenity I did not know was possible to have. I learned new ways of living life to the fullest and found freedom from my destructive life patterns. This is the best investment I have ever made in myself and I would encourage any woman out there seeking a better way to live to walk through the doors of Five Sisters Ranch and experience the gift that life has to offer you through recovery.


Five Sisters Ranch was an answer to a lifetime of prayer and seeking to heal my relationship with myself and the painful experiences I carried. I am beyond grateful to Nancie Brown and Lori Jean Glass and all the staff for their vision and dedication to create an environment for healing that includes a comprehensive approach. I had done various therapies, healing modalities, and 12 Step work. The missing piece I found at Five Sisters Ranch. The healthy internal reference for myself and my spiritual connection had been affected by the unhealthy beliefs that I have practiced in relationships. I was continually seeking the love and intimacy that I needed and because of deep inner wounds I could not heal completely until I arrived to the circle of women at Five Sisters Ranch. The combination of therapies and experiences healed a part of me that was closed off to myself. I shed tears of pain and joy at Five Sisters that renewed my life and transformed me in a way that I had begun to think was impossible. It was the loving home I never had and what I took with me is the love and healing that I deeply needed. I am finally home — inside myself.

-Lorraine H.

Attending Five Sisters was the very thing I needed to catapult me into this new life. I am totally committed to my recovery now. I refer back to our workshops and what I got out of them all the time. It is helpful to me to draw on it when talking to my sponsor. I reread everything and was reminded of how amazing it was getting clarity around my behaviors, boundaries and actions. That was a very special time and I thank you all. By the grace of God and the ability to first feel into the hell of it, then the ability to turn it over, I am in the flow and am just doing what I need to do to find a job (or two). I am excited to start working and I never thought I’d say that! I have two months and some days clean and sober and free from acting out on my bottom line behaviors. My parent’s have been super supportive. It’s been challenging moving somewhere where I know no one, but going to 90 in 90 helps with familiarity at least. Life is exponentially better not acting out and I am looking even deeper into my history and letting it all go. It’s really beautiful here. It pours everyday like a tropical storm, then the sun comes out and it dries all up. This is the most perfect weather I’ve ever lived in. The town is pretty neat too. I’m sure in time I will have some good friends. This is now home.

-Lauran H.

As a psychotherapist coming into your program for my own self-care, I was very impressed with your program. I wanted a very private intimate setting where I didn’t know people and could get help for a crisis I was in. The minute I arrived I was showered with incredible kindness and love. Then…the real work began. The setting for the “real work” made my recovery of myself so much easier. Each and every staff member was so peaceful, calm and patient with me. All had been through similar life experiences and all were open to sharing their own as they got help to begin the recovery process. Transparency of staff was so helpful in my feeling that I could let go and trust people to hear and talk about my painful past and painful marriage. One of the best things about your program was the communication between your staff and the flow of energy between them. It felt like everyone was on the same page. All supportive and loving each other at the same time that they were loving me.

-Becky W.