Men’s Strength of Heart Intensive

Mens Strength of Heart Intensive

Our Men’s Strength of Heart Intensive is for Men who are looking to improve their relationships with self and others. There are no women residents at the facility during our Men’s Program. We take only 6 residents at a time offering a true intimate environment.

For many, relationships can bring up feelings of unmet longing or the desire to hide, which can lead to compulsive and/or secretive behavior. Feeling misunderstood can lead to having a difficult time expressing oneself and result in avoidance behavior. Our program is for Men who are looking for Strength of Heart in areas of their life that need some relational fine tuning.

We often see men who are challenged relationally in one or more of the following areas; work, parenting, partnership, marriage, sex, food and self-care. The “go to” to deal with these challenges can result in building a wall internally in order to not feel emotions and put intensity into work, sex, etc. This causes avoidance in the relationships that are in need of their attention. We also get male residents with the “go to” for these challenges resulting in controlling others, codependency, and conflict which drives others away and creates unhealthy connections.

This Intensive will begin the process of being able to understand oneself in relationship to others and attach more securely, therefore building healthier relationships. Five Sisters Ranch is offering a safe, nurturing environment to allow men to express the feelings that are true for them, apply those feelings to healthy actions, and heal from within.

What to expect: