sunlight shining through trees
fog in valley below five sisters ranch
gardens at five sisters ranch
rolling hills and oak trees
hummingbird pollinating flowers at five sisters ranch

The Glass House Director

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 About Lori Jean

Lori Jean is an educator, mentor, relationship coach, and public speaker offering solutions for people having relationship challenges. She is current, passionate, and determined to help others. Lori Jean works diligently to repair and restore relationships – both personal and in the workplace.

She is a trained interventionist and certified relationship, professional, and bereavement coach. She has facilitated trainings to help clinicians see a different perspective when diagnosing and treating process addictions – love addiction, love avoidance, sex addiction and co-dependency. Lori Jean is the CEO and Founder of PIVOT… a relational alignment group – PIVOT is comprised of certified and trained coaches and therapists who help individuals, couples, families, and businesses.

Lori Jean was chosen to direct the development of Five Sisters Ranch, and now The Glass House, because of her passion and commitment to highlighting the importance of helping people create healthy relational alignment. Prior to taking the position of Program Director at Five Sisters Ranch, Lori Jean owned and operated a successful Image Consulting Company, teaching individuals and companies how to define and implement an honest, cohesive brand as a platform for solid growth.